Lin, Penny Rimbaud, Gee, John Loder. Leo. Stick
Rhian, Nick, Johnny, Debbie C, Tony Barber, Harvey, Pete and Paula Roadie. Nicole.
Richard Roadie. Rob "the Driver". Andie Katz. Man Bug aka Dr. Fitzgerald.
Ales 'Boss of the Bus' & His Little Devils!!!
Herwin. Lori for Services Rendered. Matjaz & Lea for being themselves.
Ketchup.... in charge of EGO.
Danielle & Jenn @ Southern.
Carol Van Leer. Evan & Melissa
Antii in Finland & Kenko in Sweden
Jona, Mark Bruback, Ron. Mike Kelly. Blake (7).
Richard (our man in Hollywood), Crystal.
Oakland/Brooklyn Mercenaries.
The Sweetwater Tavern.
46 Short, Simon Distraught, Aus Rotten, Citizen Fish.
Spider Cunts. Hers Never Existed. The Pink. Bar Feeders.
Stracony. Post Regiment. Leatherface. Kochise.
NYC's finest Molotov Cocktail.
Everyone who has helped, fed, watered and given up their floor space for us.